Apple smartphone market share increases in Q4

Apple smartphone market shareApple increased their market share in the smartphone market during the fourth quarter of 2013, mainly in thanks to the release of their iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c handsets. It was the first time that Apple had launched parallel handsets and is something that industry insiders had been calling for for several years if Apple wanted to make faster gains in the market. Surely it was common sense that by launching their usual top end model the 5s along with a brighter, more varied and slightly cheaper model, they would maintain their existing fan base and also add extra customers who perhaps didn’t need or couldn’t afford the business like 5s. Continue reading

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What’s new in iOS7?


What's new in iOS7?iOS7 is here, just about, as the Apple servers seemed to struggle with the record numbers of users trying to download the spanking new operating system. So…. What’s new in iOS7?

It may not be to everyone’s taste and iOS6 still looked pretty stylish but from our point of view here at SMCP headquarters, we like it. We gave Apple a few hours for their servers to settle down before we downloaded and it downloaded and installed pretty fast for us, certainly much faster than iOS6. Continue reading

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iPhone 5c Features


iPhone 5c featuresAlong with the iPhone 5s handset, Apple did indeed launch the alternative iPhone 5c at their September 10th media event. It was expected to be a budget iPhone but the price and the iPhone 5c features are still very much high end. The iPhone 5c features are impressive (but not quite as impressive of the iPhone 5s). Here’s what was announced at Apple’s worldwide media launch in Cupertino, California.

High end features on the iPhone 5c

Although expected to target the lower end and pay-as-you-go market, the price, iPhone 5c features and specification that Apple announced obviously went against these rumours. Across the industry, we guessed right at the plastic casing and bright colors, although Apple jazzed it up a bit, it’s not plastic, its “hard-coated polycarbonate” (plastic to you and me). Available in 5 color options – lime green, strawberry pink, sky blue, lemon yellow and white, the iPhone 5c features and spec are high end and impressive. 4 inch retina display, widescreen video, A6 processor chip, 8 megapixel iSight camera with 3x zoom and a longer battery life than the iPhone 5. Continue reading

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iPhone 5S release date



Apple media event invitation

With Apple confirming a scheduled event for the 10th September 2013, it is highly anticipated that this will be when they introduce the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C to the Worlds media. Although, in the usual Top Secret Apple fashion, no further information is currently available on what products are set to be launched, their media invitations simply carry the cryptic message “”This should brighten everyone’s day.”

There have been so many leaked rumours and photos over the past few weeks that it is almost inevitable that a new high-end iPhone 5S model will be launched as well as the rumoured $99 pay-as-you-go targeted plastic iPhone 5C, along with the revamped iOS7 operating system. Continue reading

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Budget iPhone 5C scheduled for September 10th launch

Leaked image of the budget iPhone 5CAlong with the new iOS7 operating system and the rumoured high end iPhone 5S, the recently announced Apple launch event could see Apple take their first steps into the budget phone market with a cheaper iPhone 5C model.

There have been rumours abound for several months of the launch of an alternative to the singular high-end phone that Apple launch annually nowadays, and it must surely make sense from a business perspective for Apple to try to capture a portion of this thriving market with an alternative model. iPhones have historically been a regarded as the crème-de-la-crème, but limiting yourself to one exclusive and expensive model means you cut out a vast majority of cell phone buyers who simply can’t afford or don’t need the top model. Continue reading

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