Apple smartphone market share increases in Q4

Apple smartphone market shareApple increased their market share in the smartphone market during the fourth quarter of 2013, mainly in thanks to the release of their iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c handsets. It was the first time that Apple had launched parallel handsets and is something that industry insiders had been calling for for several years if Apple wanted to make faster gains in the market. Surely it was common sense that by launching their usual top end model the 5s along with a brighter, more varied and slightly cheaper model, they would maintain their existing fan base and also add extra customers who perhaps didn’t need or couldn’t afford the business like 5s.

The Apple smartphone market share increase was slow but significant, a jump from 40.6% in the 3rd quarter of 2013 up to 41.8%. Within the US market, the survey showed that Apple were still ahead of Samsung with a 26.1% share with Motorola, HTC and LG all considerably lower, hovering around the 6% mark.

Android still top despite Apple smartphone market share jump

It was also found that when it came to operating systems within the US market, Android was still top by almost 10% with 51.5% followed by iOS at 41.8%. This is understandable though, considering the volume of handsets from various manufacturers currently on the market using Android compared to Apples in-house system.

So what do these figures ultimately show us? Well, it seems simple – if Apple want to increase their smartphone market share, then they need to release more models to offer consumers more choice. A lesson that I am sure they will learn from in most future releases that they have planned.

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