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iPhone 5c featuresAlong with the iPhone 5s handset, Apple did indeed launch the alternative iPhone 5c at their September 10th media event. It was expected to be a budget iPhone but the price and the iPhone 5c features are still very much high end. The iPhone 5c features are impressive (but not quite as impressive of the iPhone 5s). Here’s what was announced at Apple’s worldwide media launch in Cupertino, California.

High end features on the iPhone 5c

Although expected to target the lower end and pay-as-you-go market, the price, iPhone 5c features and specification that Apple announced obviously went against these rumours. Across the industry, we guessed right at the plastic casing and bright colors, although Apple jazzed it up a bit, it’s not plastic, its “hard-coated polycarbonate” (plastic to you and me). Available in 5 color options – lime green, strawberry pink, sky blue, lemon yellow and white, the iPhone 5c features and spec are high end and impressive. 4 inch retina display, widescreen video, A6 processor chip, 8 megapixel iSight camera with 3x zoom and a longer battery life than the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5c available in a range of colorsThe iPhone 5c features 16GB and 32GB models and it remains to be seen who will go after this handset rather than the iPhone 5s which, for a little more price is still the crème-de-la-crème of iPhones. Maybe the vibrant colous will attract a slightly more fun market who aren’t so keen on the straight-laced, professional iPhone 5s models. Maybe it will attract users who don’t want the overly-glass build of the 5s with all of its smash-capabilities.

It certainly looks more fun, like a Nano or Shuffle, and the features are still impressive, it remains to be seen whether it has the impact on the cell phone market that Apple are hoping for.

iPhone 5c features iOS7

The iPhone 5c obviously comes with the latest iOS7 operating system pre-installed. iOS7 is also a free update compatible with all iPhones from 4 onwards along with iPad, iPad Mini and 5th gen iPod Touch. It features totally re-styled sleeker icons and layout, revamped command center and notification center, better internal search and Siri enhancements (including Wikipedia). It also has updates for multitasking, photos, camera, Safari and a new AirDrop feature. If you are currently on iOS6, then you can update from 18th September 2013.

The iPhone 5c will be available to buy from September 20 and you can pre-order from September 13. If you are considering upgrading or updating to the new iPhone 5c, make sure you sell your old cell through us. We compare America’s most reputable recycling companies so that you get a great price from a company you can rely on.

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