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by don Fucetola on Sell My Cell Phones
recycle my electronics

Well i just found your site now .. hope it works ??? Hope i i get my price ?
Hope u are real ?
When it does happen and you guys proof out ,,, i will write a nice review talk to everyone one i know
thank u and hope for the best

Hi Mr Fucetola,

Thank you for your orders and your kind review. Your orders have been placed with your chosen buyer.

Have a great day!

SMCP Admin

by Jeff morgan on Sell My Cell Phones
good site

Fast and easy found what I need

by jessica on Sell My Cell Phones
glad i can get money for my broken phones 🙂

Just sent it my request hope this is all legit

Hi Jessica,

Yes, we are a legitimate limited company. Your order has been placed with your chosen buyer. Thank you for choosing Sell My Cell Phones.

So far so good!

So far, things have gone very well. Price quote was great and I'm looking forward to completing the transaction.

by Nancy Presnell on Sell My Cell Phones
Thank You

I love sites like yours. You do all the work and, I reap the benefits of not having to do all the research. Thanks again...keep up the good work!

So Far So Easy

I haven't been paid yet but so far its the easiest way to sell my old Galaxy S3. The best offer by far!

by @Rose CIty on Sell My Cell Phones
So Far , So Good

Best buyback $$ I could Find! --------

by John Castillo on Sell My Cell Phones
Fast & Easy

I could not believe how easy it was to sell my phone. Inter the search info and click.

by shianne on Sell My Cell Phones
lg g3

It was fast and super easy to use

by Louise on Sell My Cell Phones
super easy

Just finished the first step and so far so good. Hope all the other steps are as easy and straightforward as this.

cool site, quick and easy way to get top dollar for your old phone

by George Williamson on Sell My Cell Phones

this site was very easy to use and gave me the best price on my old phone. You are by far the best site I have seen so far while trying to sell my old phone

by MARSHA WILLIAMS on Sell My Cell Phones


by John M. on Sell My Cell Phones

Very easy to use, great price for my old phone.

by Markanthony on Sell My Cell Phones
New Customer

Site is very easy to use. Hopefully the sale will go as smooth!

by Shelia on Sell My Cell Phones

Great site, easy transaction so far ,Hope all goes smooth ! will let ya know how it goes ! 🙂

by S. Lindley on Sell My Cell Phones

This is my first time to us this site. It was very easy to use and navigate ! I will use them again ! 🙂

by Julianne Garcia on Sell My Cell Phones

It's my first time using this site and i think I'm going to use this site for sell my device and show great prices.

Excellent Site

Site listed best prices for phones and several different offers! Hope it works smoothly the entire process!

by joe doro on Sell My Cell Phones

Just placed an order to sell several things and got a bit confused on one order and got an email several minutes later asking me for clarification.

Wow - real customer service.

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