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Sell My Cell Phones logoOld cell phone selling has been big news all over the world for a few years now. There really is no downside to selling a cell phone that you no longer use, is now obsolete or is broken.

Not only can you earn money, help the environment and reduce the amount of resources used in the manufacture of new mobile phones, you can also de-clutter your home and rid yourself of phones that you will never use again.

Selling old cell phones for cash is a fantastic idea, but with more and more companies wanting to give you money to sell your old cell to them, it is getting increasingly more time consuming to ensure you are getting the most dollars for your old cell. If one company is prepared to offer you $90, maybe there is another on the internet prepared to give you $100.

Finding and visiting each phone buyers website individually to check their prices is a time consuming process, wouldn’t it be great if all of these prices were compared in one place? That was when SellMyCellPhones.com was born!

Comparing cell phone buyer prices since 2010

Sell My Cell Phones is an independent and impartial comparison engine, designed purely to find you the best price for your old cell phone by comparing a wide range of reputable cell phone buying company prices.

We are not a mobile phone buying company and we do not collect the old cell phones, we simply display the prices reputable buyers will pay you, allowing you to make an informed decision on which company to use.

The prices we display are updated daily so you will always get the most up to date price for your cell phone. We do not take any commission from you for using our website – the prices we display for your particular cell phone are identical to that displayed if you visited the mobile phone buyers website directly.

Sometimes you can even earn more money through us than visiting buyers directly as we can apply promo codes to your order that are exclusive to us.

In recent times, the industry has grown even further and we now also compare prices for other electronic devices such as tablets, iPads and iPods. Simply search for your make and model to see the latest prices from our extensive database.

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Below are some of our accreditations. We have partnered with the independent review website Trustpilot to ensure that users can read independent customer reviews and be sure that our website is trustworthy. Our website is safe and secure and has been developed and designed so that you can visit us without identifying yourself or revealing to us any personal information unless you wish to do so.

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