iPhone 5S release date



Apple media event invitation

With Apple confirming a scheduled event for the 10th September 2013, it is highly anticipated that this will be when they introduce the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C to the Worlds media. Although, in the usual Top Secret Apple fashion, no further information is currently available on what products are set to be launched, their media invitations simply carry the cryptic message “”This should brighten everyone’s day.”

There have been so many leaked rumours and photos over the past few weeks that it is almost inevitable that a new high-end iPhone 5S model will be launched as well as the rumoured $99 pay-as-you-go targeted plastic iPhone 5C, along with the revamped iOS7 operating system.

iOS7 launchThe event this year takes place at Apple’s campus in Cupertino, California, and in keeping with previous recent launches, will also likely see enhanced MacBook’s unveiled along with possible new iPad and iPad Mini versions. As ever though, it’s the iPhone which has grabbed everyone’s imagination and will be the star of the show. If announced on the 10th, it will be available to buy from the week commencing 16th September.

iPhone 5S features

If, as expected, Apple launch the iPhone 5S rather than an iPhone 6, what can we expect from it?

iPhone 5S release date

Well, visually, it will be basically identical to the iPhone 5 which launched in September 2012. This is based on previous ‘S’ models, the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4S had the same build and casing as the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 respectively so there is nothing to suggest that an iPhone 5S would differ from the standard ‘5’ model, that will be saved for the complete revamp iPhone 6 which will likely launch this time next year!

Functionality-wise, it will undoubtedly carry the new iOS7 operating system and in keeping with the ‘7’ theme, is likely to house an updated A7 chip rather than the A6 found in the current model. This will no doubt enhance performance, speed and battery life. Other rumoured enhancements include a further updated camera – this is likely to be both an increase in megapixels and in video recording capabilities, 120-frame-per-second video has been mentioned that will also boast slow motion modes. Apple Maps is also likely to be part of the iOS7 update as they attempt to keep up with the far superior Google Maps app.

The final iPhone 5S feature (although this one seems to have been around forever) is the inclusion of biometric fingerprint technology which can be used instead of a passcode for accessing the phone and could also replace the password verification required when downloading apps from the App Store.

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