Apple wins at Christmas

Apple wins at ChristmasApple had a very Merry Christmas indeed if recently released statistics are anything to go by.

51% of electronic device activations in the week up to and including Christmas day were for Apple products. This blasted their nearest competitor Samsung out of the water as they came in second place with just 18% of device activations. Nokia were way behind in third with just 6% of the spoils. Continue reading

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Disney Movies Anywhere deal brings blockbusters to your phone

Disney Movies Anywhere dealIn an unprecedented deal, Apple, Google and Disney have joined forces to bring the latest movies to users smartphones and tablets.

People who register for the Disney Movies Anywhere app will be able to buy and watch the latest releases from Walt on the go, wherever they are.

Whether you have an iPhone and an iPad or a HTC One and a Galaxy tablet, everyone with a modern device will be able to enjoy the vast array of Disney films that are out there. Continue reading

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iPhone is the most valuable cell phone for thieves

iPhone - the most valuable cell phoneNewly released figures by the Wall Street Journal show that in New York City, nearly a fifth of all grand larceny* cases in 2013 involved an Apple product being taken. 18 percent to be precise. The iPhone is the most valuable cell phone to thieves who are also targeting Apples iPads and iPods as they know that reselling these high end devices will yield the highest returns. In total, over 8,000 Apple devices were stolen. Continue reading

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What’s new in iOS7?


What's new in iOS7?iOS7 is here, just about, as the Apple servers seemed to struggle with the record numbers of users trying to download the spanking new operating system. So…. What’s new in iOS7?

It may not be to everyone’s taste and iOS6 still looked pretty stylish but from our point of view here at SMCP headquarters, we like it. We gave Apple a few hours for their servers to settle down before we downloaded and it downloaded and installed pretty fast for us, certainly much faster than iOS6. Continue reading

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