Google Glass fails to take off – but it will be back

Google Glass Explorer editionGoogle have terminated their Google Glass Explorer project for the time being and it is pretty safe to say that it has been quite a failure so far. And I purposely added the ‘so far’ bit. At the moment it seems that every day regular folk don’t need or particularly want Google Glass, much like that other piece of wearable technology – the watch phone. Continue reading

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Disney Movies Anywhere deal brings blockbusters to your phone

Disney Movies Anywhere dealIn an unprecedented deal, Apple, Google and Disney have joined forces to bring the latest movies to users smartphones and tablets.

People who register for the Disney Movies Anywhere app will be able to buy and watch the latest releases from Walt on the go, wherever they are.

Whether you have an iPhone and an iPad or a HTC One and a Galaxy tablet, everyone with a modern device will be able to enjoy the vast array of Disney films that are out there. Continue reading

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What is Android Wear? Here’s all you need to know

What is Android Wear?So, on Tuesday 18th March, Google’s developers announced ‘Android Wear’, but what exactly is Android Wear? That is the question I was asking myself when I heard about it so after a bit of research I have put together some of the information that I have managed to find out about this mysterious new technology that actually sounds like a clothing brand. Continue reading

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Google Maps update – now with faster routes info

Google Maps updateFor many of us, Google Maps is the navigation tool of choice so the incorporation of faster routes updating with the latest Google Maps update can only be a good thing as we try to get from A to B as efficiently as possible. There aren’t many features that would drastically improve Google Maps but faster routes is one. Automatically advising me of a faster route once it realises I am at crawling pace is a feature many of us will come to rely on. Continue reading

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Google Nexus wireless charger now available

Nexus Wireless ChargerGoogle have unveiled their Nexus wireless charger across the USA and Canada and it is now available from the Google Play Store. This is big news for those of you with the awesome Nexus tablet or a Nexus smartphone and the Nexus wireless charger will undoubtedly sell well over the holiday period. At a very reasonable $49.99 it is sure to be a big hit as a stocking filler for those of you who already own a Nexus or are looking to receive one this Christmas. Continue reading

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