The Apple Watch has finally landed, here’s why I won’t be getting one

Apple Watch SportYou heard right, Apple have finally launched the Apple Watch this week, it will be available for order from April 10 and in stores across the globe from April 24.

We all know that the Apple Watch looks very pretty indeed, but does it provide the functionality that will make it more than a fashion accessory and more of a useful addition to the iPhone that you are already carry around? In my opinion – no. It is overpriced, limited in terms of functionality and has a battery life that means it can’t be used as a permanent addition to your arm. Continue reading

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Apple launch event details and highlights – two iPhone 6’s and more

Apple launch event detailsWell it’s finally happened and to be honest it was pretty much as most insiders had predicted. Apple’s launch event took place in Cupertino on Tuesday and to much fanfare there was the grand unveiling of two new iPhone’s, a new iOS8 operating system and the much, much, much rumored iWatch. Oh, and U2 made an appearance to plug their new album too – friends in high places and all that! Here’s a summary of the Apple launch event details and highlights. Continue reading

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Where to watch the iPhone 6 launch


Where to watch the iPhone 6 launchAs most people in the modern world are aware, there’s an Apple event taking place today. Although there’s not been any official line from Apple themselves, it is 99.9% certain that the event will be the grand unveiling of the iPhone 6 handset, along with several other new products for all you Apple lovers out there. If you are wondering how or where to watch the iPhone 6 launch then look no further for information. Continue reading

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Apple iPhone 6, iWatch and iPad Air 2 rumor round up

iPhone 6 leaked designWe all know that the iPhone 6 (well two iPhone 6 models) is expected to launch at a September 9th Apple press conference, much in keeping with previous iPhone releases. It is now also anticipated that this will also be the launch date of the much rumoured iWatch too. Following on from this, there are now persistent rumors that a new iPad Air 2 with a whopping 12.9 inch screen will be unveiled early in November.

Here’s a summary of these Apple flagship models, what is expected to be unveiled in terms of new technology and when: Continue reading

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What is Android Wear? Here’s all you need to know

What is Android Wear?So, on Tuesday 18th March, Google’s developers announced ‘Android Wear’, but what exactly is Android Wear? That is the question I was asking myself when I heard about it so after a bit of research I have put together some of the information that I have managed to find out about this mysterious new technology that actually sounds like a clothing brand. Continue reading

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