The Apple Watch has finally landed, here’s why I won’t be getting one

Apple Watch SportYou heard right, Apple have finally launched the Apple Watch this week, it will be available for order from April 10 and in stores across the globe from April 24.

We all know that the Apple Watch looks very pretty indeed, but does it provide the functionality that will make it more than a fashion accessory and more of a useful addition to the iPhone that you are already carry around? In my opinion – no. It is overpriced, limited in terms of functionality and has a battery life that means it can’t be used as a permanent addition to your arm.

Apple showed off rose gold and regular gold versions with an RRP of around $17,000, but even the basic level-entry Sport model is going to set you back $350 on top of the cash that you are already paying out for your latest iPhone.

What does the Apple Watch actually do?

Apple Watch RangePlease don’t get me wrong here, I am an Apple fan and use my iPhone on a daily basis (apart from when the battery has died at 9pm – grrrrrr!!). I don’t even think it is the Apple Watch that I have a problem with specifically, its ‘smart watches’ in general. As usual with Apple, it looks pretty great, but what does it actually do?

Well, apart from telling you the time, it just allows you to control aspects of your iPhone such as reading messages and emails, controlling music and viewing photos, without having to get your cell out of your pocket.

The main use for the Apple Watch is likely to be as a fitness monitor for you sporty types, but apart from that, I am pretty unimpressed. I like my iPhone, I like using it, why would I pay out hundreds of dollars for another product that is going to stop me from using the product that I already have and like?

The Apple Watch has appalling battery life

Apple Watch unveiledThe views across the internet seem to reflect my own, people don’t really see the point of the Apple Watch. I think though, that my biggest gripe is in terms of battery life. Who wants a watch that required charging every few days or on a daily basis? The answer – nobody.

You get dressed, you put on your watch and out you go – you don’t want to think about charging it, hell, it bugs me when I have to get a new battery for mine every 2 years!  From what I can gather, ‘charging every day’ is being generous. If you don’t use it at all (what’s the point of that) it can last 3 days, but if you use it for listening to music it will be gone in 6.5 hours. Making calls means it dies in 3 hours. You heard me right – 3 hours!!

It can be fully charged again within 2.5 hours but you still need to take it off, connect to the magnetic charger and leave it.

How much does the Apple Watch cost?

There are several different versions being released with vastly differing materials and prices. The basic Sport model will RRP at $349 with the standard edition starting at $549.

In conclusion

Surely this is the prime device to have some form of solar power incorporated in to it. Until that happens and battery life is improved by months, not hours, I won’t be getting one. And to be honest, I may not even at that point because I actually like my phone – not squinting at my wrist.

Rant over! What do you think of the Apple Watch? Am I way off the mark or bang on the money? I’d love to hear what you think, so leave a comment below if you get the urge.

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