Sell your tablet if you got a new one for Christmas

Sell your tabletPeople are becoming more and more aware of cell phone recycling, but it is surprising how few people are aware that they can also sell their old tablet online just as easily.

Over recent years, tablets and iPads have become huge Christmas sellers as more and more people see them as an easier alternative to browsing the internet on a laptop.

Back in the day, laptops were ideal for surfers with their feet up on the sofa, but not today. Tablets are lighter, quicker, have a far superior battery life and are far less likely to leave you with baking hot thighs. All of these reasons make them a must-have for many people.

So remember, if you were lucky enough to get a new tablet computer for Christmas and your old one is now lying dormant, you can get a fantastic price for it right here at Our trusted recyclers buy all iPad versions, including the Mini, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and many others models.

Your old tablet could be worth over $300

Whatever tablet you are looking to sell, use our intuitive search function to see how much it’s worth. Some, such as the iPad Air are selling for over $300 right now! Remember though, prices can drop quickly so it really does pay to sell quickly to secure the highest price possible.

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