Recycle your old devices on America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day - November 15 2014This Saturday, November 15 marks America Recycles Day (ARD) and millions of people all over the country will be coming together to recycle their old goods and help the environment.

It is a fantastic event and is the perfect opportunity for you to recycle all of that junk that you have been meaning to move from the garage, donate those old clothes and of course, recycle those old gadgets, tablets, cell phones and other electronic devices that you have lying around in the back of drawers at home.

This year marks the 17th America Recycles Day and thousands of recycling drives and events will be taking place nationwide. Clothes, white goods, TV’s and pretty much anything else that you no longer have a use for can be recycled. Not only does this help the environment, it also helps the disadvantaged. If you have been meaning to sort out those old or broken items, now is the perfect incentive to do it for a great cause.

Sell devices online if you can’t get along to an ARD event

One area that most people in America can do their bit for the environment is by recycling old cell phones, tablets and other smaller electronic devices such as iPods, and even the latest smart watches.

Most people in the country have a cell phone and most also have an old or broken cell phone that they no longer use just gathering dust. Many people have more than one. These can be recycled at your local recycling point and they can also be sold through our website for cash. You don’t even have to leave the house to help the environment and raise money for yourself or your chosen charity (apart from dropping it in to your nearest mail box). All of our recyclers provide freepost for you to send your devices.

It is a disappointing fact that in a survey conducted in March of this year, half of cell phone owners didn’t know where to go to recycle their old devices. We here at Sell My Cell Phones are working hard to fix that, but we need everyone to pull together to make America a more environmentally conscious country. If you need any further encouragement, here’s 10 great reasons why cell phone recycling is important.

If I have convinced you to go rooting around for old electronics to sell, it really is simple to find your device on our website and see the latest prices on offer. If an offer is to your liking, you just place your order with one of our trusted recyclers.

Simply search for your make and model using our search function on the right of the site or use our ‘Brand Search’ section to select your device. Prices are updated daily and your old phone or gadget could be worth hundreds of dollars.

Do your bit for America Recycles Day, it really will make a difference.

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4 thoughts on “Recycle your old devices on America Recycles Day

  1. Jody – a commenter at my site pointed me to you guys, and I’m glad to see you promoting America Recycles Day. I’m trying to find more information on any environmental standards you guys use: how do you try to ensure that the phones you pass on to recyclers don’t end up getting dumped in the developing world?

    • Hi Jeff,

      Good question. We don’t handle the phones ourselves, our site compares the prices on offer from our trusted recyclers and the transaction takes place directly between the seller and the company that they choose from our website. All of the companies featured on our site recycle in an environmentally sound way in compliance with industry standards.