USA Electronics and Phone Recycling stats Q3 2014

USA Electronics and Phone Recycling Industry stats Q3 2014Hi all, following on our regular series, here’s our latest electronics and phone recycling statistics taken from the site for the third quarter of the year (July – September 2014).

I have made the infographic larger in order to include some more statics, this time for the entire year, and quarter on quarter.

This section made some real interesting reading as there has been a huge boom across the industry when compared to quarter two.

I am sure that a contributing factor to the increase is undoubtedly the new handset releases from Samsung, HTC and Apple, no doubt that the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus played a significant part. Continue reading

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Phone Recycling Industry stats Q2 2014

Phone and tablet recycling industry stats. Q2 2014 (April - June)Hi all, apologies for the delay in releasing these, it’s been pretty busy over here at SMCP HQ. Following on from last quarters statistics, here are our American phone recycling industry statistics taken from our website for the second quarter of 2014 (April – June). I aim to bring you a super snazzy infographic next quarter (no promises though) but for now, our latest release is below. As explained last quarter though, it’s the statistics that are the interesting part, not the design. Here it is: Continue reading

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Amazon Fire phone specs unveiled in Seattle

Amazon Fire phone specsAmazon finally unveiled their new smart phone at a launch event in Seattle on Wednesday and to be perfectly honest, the Amazon Fire phone specs and feature details are unlikely to revolutionise the industry. It comes with a few nice gimmicks and a reasonable price tag but nothing fantastic that is likely to persuade the current iPhone, Samsung and HTC fans to switch allegiance. Continue reading

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