Half of cell owners don’t know where to recycle cell phones

Where to recycle cell phonesA new survey conducted by Kelton Research has found that half of American cell phone owners don’t know where to recycle cell phones or what to do with old, unwanted or broken handsets. The study was conducted between the 10th and 17th March across a panel of over 100 American’s aged 18 or over who owned a cell phone. The findings show that many people still aren’t aware that they can get cash for cell phones or that the cell phone recycling industry exists.

This is a major problem as more and more handsets get released and people upgrade frequently to the latest and greatest. Recycling those old cell phones will help the environment and put cash in your pocket, it is a win-win situation for all. Even broken cell phones can be worth hundreds of dollars. It isn’t just cell phones that can be recycled either, tablets, iPad’s, iPod’s, MP3’s, laptops and many other gadgets can have a monetary value and use. Continue reading

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