What does a smart watch actually do?

Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watchWith the Samsung Gear smart watch looking set for a September 25th launch, there are a lot of people asking “what does a smart watch actually do?”, “is it worth me getting one?” and “does it replace a smart phone?” Well, here’s the lowdown….

We will focus on the Galaxy Gear as that’s the imminent release and the talk of the industry, but it is understood that other manufacturers such as Apple, Sony (called SmartWatch), Motorola (rumoured to be Pebble) and even Qualcomm (the Toq) are also readying smart watches for launch. As the name suggests, you will also need a Samsung Galaxy android cell phone to accompany your new smart watch, it is not a direct phone replacement. It is synced to your cell using Bluetooth and a dedicated app. At present it will only work with the upcoming Galaxy Note 3 which is scheduled for launch the same day but future updates will make it compatible with other models. Continue reading

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