Fix for iMessage in iOS7


Fix for iMessage in iOS7Many users (including ourselves here at SMCP HQ) have reported serious issues with iMessage being broken in iOS7. I must say that I didn’t notice it when updating to iOS7 and iOS7.0.1 but the latest iOS7.0.2 update has been reporting serious iMessage issues that Apple have also confirmed. Apple state that it is only affecting a fraction of a percent of users but pretty much everyone I know has this issue so it seems to be far more widespread.

Apple state that a new iOS7.0.3 update will fix the issue but there is no news on when this will be rolled out, the rumors are that it is in final testing phase and will be available next week. Until then, you may notice that on the surface, your iMessage looks fine but messages are not sending or are getting stuck in your outbox and you are also not receiving iMessages. Continue reading

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