iPhone trade in – now is the time to get the highest price

iPhone trade inThere has never been a better time to trade in your iPhone, whether it’s new, used or broken!

Right now at SellMyCellPhones.com, we are offering some of the highest iPhone trade in prices in America. Since the launch of the iPhone 7, more and more people are looking to trade in their iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 handsets for the newest model.

If you are in a two year network deal that is just coming to an end, the chances are you will be upgrading from your iPhone 6 to an iPhone 7. Depending on its condition, your 2 year old iPhone 6 could be worth over 200 dollars!

For example, a used condition iPhone 6 16GB on Verizon will net you $216 today (rival comparison uSell are offering just $176.40)! Even if it’s broken, you can still get $90 for it (uSell are offering just $77.72). Click here to see all of today’s iPhone 6 prices.*

Even older handsets such as the iPhone 5s are still fetching over $100 with our buyers. Trade in an iPhone 5s 16GB on the T-Mobile network in good condition and you will get $105, even if it’s broken and lying in an old drawer, it’s still worth $25.

Shipping is free and you could have the money in your account within a few days – perfect for putting towards Christmas presents at this time of year!

It goes without saying that if you trade in your iPhone or any other cell phone, iPad or tablet, it doesn’t just put cash in your pocket, it also helps the environment. Workable parts are reused in new handsets and all phones are responsibly recycled rather than being dumped in landfill.

Top 5 iPhone trade in tips to get the most cash

Here’s our top 5  iPhone trade in tips to ensure that you get the highest price when you sell your iPhone:

  1. Don’t accept your carriers buy back offer when upgrading, this is often lower than you can get by shopping around and comparing prices online.
  2. Don’t use ecoATM kiosks found in shopping malls unless you need to sell immediately, you pay for the convenience as prices are often lower than selling online.
  3. Ensure that you sell to a reputable buyer, at Sell My Cell Phones, we have partnered with the independent review website TrustPilot to guarantee that all of our customer feedback is genuine.
  4. Your offer is good for 30 days and prices can drop quickly, so even if your new phone isn’t due for a few weeks, complete your details and secure your offer so that it is still valid when your new phone arrives and you can post your old one.
  5. Make sure that you disable the iPhone ‘Find my iPhone’ function so that it isn’t locked to your iCould account. This takes a few seconds with our easy guide here.

Sell your phone now and put some Christmas dollars in your pocket

You can sell your iPhone or any other phone or tablet through us here at SellMyCellPhones.com for top dollar.

We compare more buyers than any other comparison site in America and selling takes a few seconds. Search for you device in our huge database, choose its condition and click ‘SELL NOW’ next to the top price. Complete your details and wait for your mailer to arrive. Send off your phone and you could have your cash within 24 hours!

* Prices are accurate when taken on 29 November 2016.

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