Sell old electronics for Earth Day 2014

Sell old electronics for Earth Day 2014Earth Day 2014 will take place on April 22, it is the perfect incentive to sell old electronics and cell phones and finally do that bit of gadget decluttering that you have been planning for months. Over a billion people in 190 countries will take action on Earth Day this year – all in aid of making our World a better and more environmentally friendly and sustainable place to live.

Environmentally conscious folk the world over will be doing their bit, from planting trees, cleaning up their community, holding recycling fundraisers and raising awareness of the vital importance of ensuring that we make changes to help ensure that our Earth remains a habitable place for centuries to come. We should not underestimate and take for granted that this will happen, we need to maintain and improve on the amazing work that many people have been doing and promoting for many years. Continue reading

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