Apple’s new iPad Pro – spec and release information

Apple’s new iPad Pro spec and release informationLast month, Apple announced details about the new Apple iPad Pro, which lead to divided opinions about the device. Apple has set a release date of November 2015, but we are yet to know the exact date of this $800 tablet.

The new Apple iPad Pro will include a 12.9 inch screen, comparing to the 9.7 inch iPad Air, adding 3.2 inches to the already ‘barely portable’ iPad. However, this gigantic screen allows for a 2732×2048 HD retina display, which means the iPad Pro has more pixels than the 13 inch MacBook Pro. In addition to the extraordinary quality of the display, the increase in size means that apple have managed to integrate speakers on all four corners of the device. No, they are not front facing, but it is still a feature which will improve sound quality, especially for watching movies, which will go hand in hand with the size.

iPad Pro battery and chip set

Smaller devices obviously mean smaller batteries, and of course larger devices can include larger batteries; which is extremely advantageous for the iPad Pro. This tablet, with its huge size, can carry an abnormally large battery (for a tablet), providing 10 hours of power, once fully charged. We all know that Apple devices are not known for their incredible battery life, but will this finally be the improvement we were looking for?

So what’s inside? Well, the newest iPad will be known as an utter powerhouse, with a brand-new 64bit A9x chip. This device will be looking to benchmark the previous iPad off the charts, with the highly improved chipset. Also, the iPad Pro will reportedly carry 4GB of RAM which is hands down the most RAM we have seen carried by an Apple mobile device. Despite the questionability of this, it would make sense, due to the introduction of video editing and other intensive capabilities.

Camera, weight and color options

The camera quality remains at an 8MP back facing camera, capable of 1080p HD recording, as well as a 1.2MP front facing camera capable of recording in 720p HD quality. This is unchanged from the previous iPad model, but is definitely more than satisfactory.

The iPad weighs in at 713g for the Wi-Fi version, and 723g for the LTE model, so as we would expect, it isn’t exceptionally light, but also with its sheer size taken into consideration, it isn’t exactly overly heavy.

The colors available for this tablet include, ‘Space Grey’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Gold’, similarly to the iPhone 6.

So, Apple has added many things to enhance the capabilities of the iPad. Whether it is editing 4K video, designing a presentation, or creating/running a business, Apple promise that these particular things will become easier, faster and far more engaging. Not only this, but the Multi-Touch Subsystem means that interactions with your iPad becomes quicker and much easier.

This then lead to the introduction of the smart keyboard, linking with the smart connector on the iPad pro. The smart keyboard is simply a thin and lightweight keyboard which allows for a laptop-like feel when using the iPad. It is a similar design as the one we see on the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Apple Pencil – a $100 stylus!

Not only this, after Steve Jobs announcing that Apple will not be introducing a stylus in 2007, Apple have now introduced… a stylus, which costs around $100. The Apple Pencil is tilt and pressure censored, meaning when using particular drawing applications, the tilt of the pen can supply shading and specific things of that nature, possibly being a good creation for the artistic genre of people. The Apple Pencil, just like the keyboard, automatically pairs with the iPad Pro, but the Pencil requires charging of its own. It is easy enough to charge, by simply plugging it directly into the lighting port on the iPad Pro, but seems like an easy way to break the pen, and/or the iPad.

Apple Pencil

Overall, the iPad Pro is a vast change from previous models in terms of its new processor, and the size of the device. But for the $800 price range, are the changes enough to make it worthy of a purchase?

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