Unsure about the condition of your cell or gadget?

We compare prices for various conditions of cell phones, gadgets and devices. Below is a description of what our buyers are checking for in regards to each condition. It is important that you select the correct condition when you are selling to ensure that the price you receive is accurate. If you state your device is in ‘perfect’ condition but when checked, a buyer considers it to be in a lesser state, the original offer for your device is unlikely to be valid and you could receive less for it.

Perfect – brand new or as good as new.


Good – the most commonly selected condition. The phone has been used and has very minor scuffs and scratches but is in good condition.


Average  – the phone still works but has been heavily used, dropped a few times, that kind of thing.


Damaged – your phone is not in working order, it may be cracked, smashed, water damaged, anything out of the ordinary that would stop it from performing as it should.