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Simply Sellular have one of the most extensive databases of old cells and gadgets within the online recycling industry.

If you have an old cell phone then you are likely to find a price for it on the Simply Sellular website, even if it is years old and only worth a dollar or two. Every little bit helps when it comes to recycling e-waste and improving the environment.

At Simply Sellular, they are dedicated to finding new homes for old cell phones and gadgets, even if you old cell is broken it could still be reused or modified so that it can make emergency 911 calls for disadvantaged people. Simply Sellular strive to offer the best customer service in the recycling industry and their hundreds of satisfied customers are testament to this.

Selling your cell or gadget is as easy as pie on their website. Enter your cell phone make or model or search through their list of brands. Once you have located yours, all you need to do is accept their offer and provide Simply Sellular with your name and address. They will then send you a postage paid envelope in which to send your device to them. Once they receive your goods, they will check the condition and then issue you with a check within 14 days.

Online order updates with Simply Sellular

Once you have completed your details online, you will be issued with an order number. At any time you can log in to the Simply Sellular website with your order number and email address to check its status. They will keep you up to date all of the way.

Fundraising with Simply Sellular

As part of their dedication and commitment to the e-waste recycling cause, Simply Sellular recommend holding fundraisers for your school, church or organization, at no cost to you. Just get in touch with them and they will send you a fundraiser starter pack.

Collect up all of the old cell phones you receive and drop them off at the local post office. Simply Sellular will sort and check all of the cells they receive and then send you a check based on their latest price list. If you need more fundraising information you can contact them via email or by phone, they are ready and waiting to help.

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