Dispose of old phones at Sell Your Cell recycling

Sell Your Cell logoSell Your Cell was founded way back on 2004 as a direct response to the increase in Worldwide demand to address the impact on the environment of electronic waste. Over time, Sell Your Cell evolved and their main focus because the disposal of portable electronic goods such as old cell phones, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) handsets, MP3 players and iPods. have answered the call to action and now provide an avenue to be financially rewarded for proper cellular phone disposal.

Over the years, Sell Your Cell have set out to vastly improve the way America thinks about the disposal of old electronic devices and to make a conscious effort to dispose of them properly and in an environmentally friendly way. Not only will it benefit the planet, it will also put a few extra dollars in your pocket.

Some of the Sell Your Cell accomplishments include:

  • Vastly expanding their portfolio of used cell phones so that they now offer a giant buying list of over 500 handset models. This in turn means for more satisfied customers, if have a handset, chances are they can offer you a price for it!
  • All data is removed from your old handset as soon as they receive it. Although it is recommended that you always restore your handset to its factory setting before sending it to a cell phone recycler; it is surprising how many people still fail to remove all of the information on it or do not know how to. With Sell Your Cell you can rest assured that your personal details are completely erased.
  • If possible, Sell Your Cell will try to extend the lifecycle of your old cell phone, even if it is broken there may be valuable working components in it that can be used in future devices therefore reducing the strain on landfills.
  • Obviously the final benefit is financial, as the Sell Your Cell motto says; they give green to go green. Not only are you helping the environment, you are also putting dollars in your pocket and some of the latest handsets are often worth $100’s.

Sell Your Cell pride themselves on being easy to use and their three step process reflects this. All you need to do is find your handset in their huge database and follow their easy instructions. If your handset is in good working order, they usually issue a check within 30 days of receiving your handset.

Sell Your Cell do have some important terms and conditions though, so before you send off your phone please ensure that it matches their requirements:

  • The cell phone must be 100% functional. It should be able to power up and make a test call and all standard features should work on it.
  • Your phone case and fascia should not be broken and your antenna must be working.
  • Phones that contain water damage, have broken screens, cracked hinges or other physical damage will not be accepted.
  • Electronic Serial Numbers (ESNs) must be readable.
  • Phones from the following carriers will not be accepted: Qwest, Virgin Mobile, Earthlink or Amp’d Mobile.
  • The phone should not have been reported as lost or stolen.
  • The cell battery must be included along with the charger if you have it.