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Gizmogul has grown quickly since its inception in 2010 to become a market leader in the cell phone and electronics recycling industry. Formed by three brothers from Boston, Massachusetts, they pride themselves on being a recycling company that offer fantastic prices, great customer service and also have a philanthropic attitude.

The charity and fundraising work that Gizmogul participate in is outstanding and their impact on the community can only be commended. Every cell phone and gadget that they recycle aids people both at home and abroad. Gizmogul’s recycling program helps to build schools in developing countries and fund after-school programs.

They work with charities such as BuildOn and Leave Out Violence (L.O.V.E) and many others. They are dedicated to improving our environment and all of the devices they receive are recycled by an R2 certified refinery.

Research has shown that Gizmogul often pay up to 300% more for recycled electronics when compared to many of their big-name competitors. “How can they afford to pay so much more?” we hear you ask. It is because their business has gained organic growth, they do not spend millions of dollars on advertising and marketing campaigns and that saving is then transferred to their thousands of customers.

They recycle almost any electronic device, from cell phones to computers and their components, to cables, televisions and consoles. If you are looking to sell it then the chances are, they will buy it.

Top reasons to recycle with Gizmogul

Just some of the reasons to recycle include:

  • Top prices paid for working and broken cell phones and electronics
  • Range of payment options including SAME DAY PayPal payments
  • Free “Gizmopak” provided for you to send in your devices
  • Guaranteed data removal on all devices they receive
  • Highly charity focussed
  • Recycle almost any electronic device

The website is quick and easy to use and also has live chat support should you have any questions or queries during the recycling process.

Gizmogul contact information

Should you need to contact Gizmogul you can do so using the toll free number or email addresses shown below:

Toll Free Phone: 1-866-784-2238

General Inquiries:
Customer Service:

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