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Give Back Wireless is your gateway to getting cash for your old cell phones. They are San Diego’s largest cell phone recycling company and will buy your old, used or broken cell phone regardless of its condition.

They have some of the highest buying prices in the industry, shipping is free and you will receive frequent email updates on the status of your order. Payment is fast and you have the choice of whether to be paid via PayPal or by check.

Give Back Wireless ensure that every device that they receive has all personal and corporate data immediately removed from it to ensure that your security is maintained.

They also have a corporate recycling program for larger business orders and ensure that every cell phone that they receive is recycled in an environmentally conscious way to the highest standards possible.

Reasons to sell with Give Back Wireless

Just some of the reasons to sell to them include:

  • Free shipping in pre-paid box with label
  • Fast payment via PayPal and check
  • Will buy devices in any condition
  • All data is immediately cleared on every device
  • Corporate buy back program for businesses
  • Recycling is to the highest industry standards

Give Back Wireless contact information

Should you need to contact Give Back Wireless you can do so using the following details:


Phone: 858-560-1383

Toll Free Phone: 877-560-GIVE

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