Points to remember when you sell cell phone models, tablets and gadgets

Sell cell phone handsetsSelling old gadgets and electronic devices such as tablets, iPads and iPods online is a quick, easy and convenient way to raise money and help the environment but it isn’t without its pitfalls and perils. There is always some form of risk involved whenever you sell anything online and if you decide to sell cell phone handsets or any other gadget then the risk is no different. There is however, certain steps that can prevent you from being duped.

Cell phones today are expensive bits of equipment designed to handle tasks far more advanced than taking and receiving a call. For many, it is an integral part of their business and everyday life, allowing them to access the internet on the move, check and reply to emails from anywhere that a signal is available and purchase goods in a few seconds. That’s why they are worth hundreds of dollars. You do not want to blindly send it off to some cowboy that you stumbled across on the internet, never to be seen again.

Fortunately, we have been making it easier and more secure to sell your old devices online since 2010 so here are a few tips to help you if you are looking to sell your old cell phone or gadget.

Our sell cell phone top 5 tips

  1. Research the payment options that the recycler has, if it is just check then it could take weeks for you to get your cash whereas many offer direct bank transfer and PayPal.
  2. Ensure that the recycler offers free shipping (all of ours do), having to pay to send them your precious device means you are instantly out of pocket. If they want it they should pay to get it.
  3. Check their reviews and testimonials. If previous sellers are not happy then you may not be either. All of the recyclers we compare have their own ratings and reviews on our site.
  4. Once you have sold, ensure you keep the emailed confirmation close at hand as it will contain your order number, customer service contact details and the date of your cash offer, most are valid for 30 days.
  5. This is an obvious one – Sell through us here at! We only compare reputable and trustworthy recyclers so that you know that your device will be safe and you will get your cash. Your transaction takes place with the recycler you select on our website, not with us, but by comparing prices from cell phone buyers all in one place it will save you time and help you to get the best price. There are now well over 100 online recyclers in the US alone, that’s a lot of research if you wanted to check them all individually yourself.

If you follow the above rules you shouldn’t go far wrong and your sell cell phone transaction should be fast, smooth and easy.

If you have an old cell phone, tablet or gadget to sell now, then use our intuitive search function on the top right to search for your device to see how much it is worth. Alternatively you can ‘Search by Brand’ if you aren’t sure of the model. It could be worth far more than you think.