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Sell broken phones Is your smartphone, iPhone or tablet broken or faulty? Sell broken phones through us here at, its fast and easy and can put a surprising amount of money in your pocket.

Almost anyone who has owned a mobile phone has probably broken one, and most people think that broken cells are only fit for the trash can. That broken cell phone could actually be worth hundreds of dollars! Not only can you sell broken phones to raise a few bucks, you will also be helping the environment and de-cluttering your home at the same time. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

What happens to my broken phone when I sell it?

Whether your broken phone has a cracked (or obliterated!) screen, water damage, software issues or anything else that’s stopped it working as it should, our buyers still want it, and it can be put to great use.

If it’s repairable, your broken cell phone (or tablet) will be refurbished and resold. If it cannot be restored to ‘as new’ condition, then it may be given to, or purchased by charities to help disadvantaged or at-risk people.

If it is beyond repair, it can be broken down and elements removed and sold back to mobile phone manufacturers, who will then reuse them in future units. This helps the environment and can also reduce the selling prices of new phones.

If your cell phone is too old or broken for any of the above, then it is simply disposed of in a risk-free and environmentally friendly way.

Why should I sell broken phones through you guys?

There are plenty of reasons to sell your broken phone through us, including:

  1. We compare more buyers than any other comparison site in America to help you get the highest price
  2. We only compare trusted and reputable buyers
  3. We partner with the 3rd party review site Trustpilot, read our reviews here
  4. Far less comeback than selling through well know auction websites or privately
  5. Awesome customer service – we are always on hand to help
  6. We’ve got years of experience, we were the first phone buying comparison site in the country when we launched in 2010

How do I sell broken phones on

Selling really is a piece of cake and takes just a minute or two:

  1. Search for your cell phone or tablet using our intuitive search function or click here to search by Brand
  2. Select your device to see the latest prices from our buyers
  3. Select its condition, if you are reading this, the condition is likely to be ‘Damaged’
  4. Hit the ‘SELL NOW’ button next to the best price
  5. Complete a few details, there’s a choice of shipping (all free) and payment options

You will then receive an email confirmation with further details. Send your device off and wait for your cash. PayPal payments can be in your account within 24 hours!

Selling a broken iPhone – read this important information

Sell broken iPhoneiPhones are amongst the most bought and highest value phones that our buyers purchase. Even a broken iPhone can be worth hundreds of dollars.

If you are selling an iPhone, you must turn off the ‘Find my iPhone’ function before selling it. If your iPhone is broken and you can’t turn it on or use it, ‘Find my iPhone’ can still be turned off remotely.

To read our handy guide on how to do this, click here.

Use the quick-links below to sell your broken device

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