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You can get cash for cell phones, tablets, iPads and other electronic gadgets and devices quickly and easily by recycling them online, it enables you to help the environment as well as making yourself some extra bucks.

Millions of people in the US just have old cell phones, tablets and other electronic gadgets lying around in drawers that are worth hundreds of dollars, so decluttering makes sense for everyone. You get rid of your old, obsolete or broken devices and they are then put to good use by the recycler. Some are resold to help disadvantaged people or donated to the third world and others are broken down and their parts recycled and reused. It is a win-win situation for all and keeps them out of landfill.

There are now well over 100 online recyclers in the US alone offering cash for cell phones so it can be a daunting task if you are looking to sell. Who do I use? Which recycler is offering the best price? How do I know they are reputable and I am going to get my cash? Here are some tips to help you make the right decision.

Sell My Cell Phones is America’s original and oldest cell phone recycling price comparison website and our unique search function means it takes just a few seconds to check the prices on offer for your device within our extensive database.

Cash for cell phones – tips to help you get the best price

  • Ensure that you have the make and model of your device at hand. If you don’t know the model it can often be found printed beneath the battery if you remove it.
  • If you can’t find your model but know the make, use our ‘Search by BRAND’ pages, they contain high quality images of all of the cell phones, tablets and electronic devices in our database.
  • It can take several weeks for a device to be checked and payment made, if you need the payment quicker then check the average payment times for your chosen recycler.
  • PayPal is one of the quickest ways to get cash for cell phones, certainly faster than waiting for a check to arrive then clear, if you don’t have an account then set one up.
  • Remember to factory reset your handset before you send it off.
  • Be honest. If your cell phone is broken then don’t try to pass it off as working. The first thing a recycler does when they receive a device is thoroughly test it. If its condition is worse than you stated then they will lower the offer price (and rightly so).
  • Use Sell My Cell Phones! We only compare prices from reputable recyclers, our prices are updated daily and comparing in one place means you don’t have to spend hours scouring the internet for the best prices.

Recycling your old cell phones for cash is a fantastic cause that almost everyone in America can get involved with. Finding your cell phone in our extensive database, getting the best price and placing your order takes just a couple of minutes (or seconds depending how fast you are on a keyboard!) and all of our recyclers offer free shipping for sending in your device.

Use our intuitive search function to search for your device now or alternatively you can ‘Search by BRAND’ if you aren’t sure of the model. It could be worth hundreds of dollars!